When the peace treaty is signed, the war isn't over for the veterans, or the family.

Our Programs

Amazing Grace - The Cornell

Our Fairchild PT-26 is a WWII trainer that we take veterans of all ages for a free fun demo flight...with your generous donations...we help to put a smile on the face of our veterans. Please help us keep their smiles alive!

Abigail - The Ranger

We also have a Mooney M20C that is used in several charities including: Angel Flight West & Fly kids. We have added it to our fleet to offer flights to Arizona and surrounding states for Veterans in need of emergency transportation.

Christian/Veterans Mission

These flights are completely free and provided to our veterans as my families way of thanking them for keeping us free. Your donations are helping us fund these flights.  As of January 2019 we have given free flight to over 285 veterans.  God Bless you for your support.